We believe in clean,
sustainable energy

We are an Israeli-based global IPP that develops and operates mid to large scale renewable energy projects. Our current activities are based in Israel and Morocco, and we are actively focused on expanding our portfolio globally.

Our uniqueness is reflected in integrating sustainability as an essential part of our business. Our cooperation with the Bedouin community in the Negev is an expression of this.

Together with our partners, our renewable energy pipeline includes 1,715 MW under development, 98 MW under construction and 30 MW in operation. Our Green Hydrogen pipeline includes several large-scale projects under development, totaling 11,000 MW


At Marom Energy, we are committed to the 2050 global net-zero emissions plan through clean energy production.

We aspire to provide future generations with new possibilities and means to power their lives in the most economic, environmental, and socially responsible ways possible.

Executive Team

Marom Energy prides itself on assembling a management team comprising dedicated professionals with a proven track record and the know-how of identifying potential opportunities, together with the ability to execute and deliver.

Yaniv Malchi
Yaniv has extensive knowledge and rich experience in the fields of technology and engineering, which are used for the development, design and construction of solar, wind and other energy facilities. Yaniv is a notable managing partner who brings excellent forward planning and strategic thinking.
Yoav Maoz

Yoav is a well-known entrepreneur in the field of green energy, real estate and infrastructure. He is an expert in zoning and has a noteworthy track record of initiating and developing quality transactions. Yoav has a wealth of first-hand experience in building partnerships and in identifying business opportunities. He is famous for his creative problem-solving skills.

Yaniv weidenfeld

With years of significant experience in managing all aspects of renewable energy, end-to-end, Yaniv has transformed the company from a boutique developer to a record-breaking energy leading company. Yaniv formerly headed business development at two top-tier companies and managed the commercial department of a leading Israeli bank which specialized in energy projects financing.

Amir Alshech, Adv., CPA
Deputy CEO

With broad experience in business development and finance, Amir has a vast, successful track record in project financing, investment analysis and portfolio management. Amir formerly headed business development and project financing at Shikun & Binui renewable energy and served as a strategist at Yelin Lapidot, a leading Israeli-based investment house. Amir is a licensed CPA, attorney and portfolio manager.


Strategic Founding Partner

Gandyr invests in sustainable companies with an Israeli emphasis within the industrial, technology, real-estate and renewable energy domains.

Each investment is examined based on its financial indicators and ESG metrics that consider the expected social & environmental impact.
As a family holding group that emphasizes values and business conduct in fairness and transparency, with high involvement and employment diversity promotion, we support innovative Israeli entrepreneurs who wish to make a real change and create a real impact in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


We are proud to partner with Gaia Energy, a leading Moroccan company that has been active in the renewable energy industry for more than a decade.Through our partnership with Gaia, we established profound relationships with these major global IPPs, creating the potential for additional sustainable collaborations worldwide. Gaia Energy’s unique business model includes the creation of strong innovative business relationships with world-leading utilities and Energy companies, including Enel, Iberdrola, Masdar, BayWa and Amarenco.