Solar Energy


For over a decade we have been a developer and operator of ground mount and rooftop solar projects in Israel, with 30 MW in operation, enjoying lucrative tariffs. Additional 230 MW are under early and late stages of development.

We benefit from Israel’s favorable climate, its well-established renewable energy eco-system and Israel’s position as a leader in cutting edge solar energy technology. Demand for electricity is growing by 3% annually and the government has enacted a $225M plan to reach 30% renewable energy use by 2030.  


With our principal partner Gaia Energy, a leading independent large-scale renewable energy developer in Morocco, we own 785 MW of solar projects under early and late stages of development.  

Morocco is an elite target site for major long-term renewable energy development. The country boasts extraordinary high wind efficiency and solar radiation resources. It has vast space for mega-scale renewable energy projects, Maritime access and close proximity to the EU (which is beneficial to support the 2050 net-zero emissions plan). Morocco plans to reach its goal of 52% renewable energy use by 2030 and proud to provide accessibility to 100% electrification rate to its citizens.



In partnership with our local expert Mario Talajić, we are actively engaged in developing renewable energy projects across Croatia. The country aims to achieve a 36.4% share of renewables in its final energy consumption by 2030, aligning with the EU’s overarching climate goals. Croatia’s strategic location, abundant solar resources, and favorable climate make it ideal for renewable energy investments. Our project pipeline incorporates cutting-edge technologies, including energy storage and smart grid solutions. The country’s progressive regulatory environment and strong commitment to sustainable development further support these advancements. Additionally, our collaboration emphasizes community engagement, ensuring local populations benefit from the transition to renewable energy through job opportunities and improved energy access.