Collaboration with
Bedouin community

As part of the land settlement agreements between the Bedouin community in the Negev and the Israeli government, Marom Energy assists these communities in the development and maximization of the land resources available to them.
We are proud to be a company which is sucssesfully overcoming challenges in developing renewable energy projects in the Bedouin society.
This is the result of many years of teamwork led by Raid Abu al-kee’an, a resident of the Negev region who manages the company’s activity in the south of Israel and creates a cross-cultural bridge.

Project status as for today:

Anami family
Status: under construction
Capacity: 13MW

Abu Frijat family
Status: ready to build
Capacity: 5MW

Abu Krinat
Status: final stages of development (brown field)
Capacity: 22MW

Abu Kaf
Status: final stages of development (brown field)
Capacity: 7MW